It has been my privilege over the past year to be studying under the teachings of Virgie Ravenhawk and the Rainbow Tribe Clan. I am learning the Native Way. I have been learning to facilitate a Drum Circle using the tools of the Medicine Wheel, Native songs and stories, and healing with Love and Vibration.

Virgie has now honored me by gifting a Drum Circle to me.

This Drum Circle will be open to all.  Any color, any age, any sexuality, any religion or non-religion.  The only requirement is an open heart and an open mind and a willingness to give and receive Love.   We will sing, dance, drum and rattle together in celebration of Love and Life, as we learn through the teachings of the Medicine Wheel that we are, each and every one of us, an important part of Creation.

The Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center hosts both Virgie’s and my Drum Circle. 7067 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX. Virgie’s Circle is the 3rd Saturday of every month. My Circle is the last Saturday of every month. Each starting at 7:00 p.m. Come early to be smudged, meet the Family, and find a seat. They fill up fast! If you have a drum, rattle, flute, bell, or even a didgeridoo, please feel fee to bring it. And we love to take off our shoes!

Until we meet at Circle, many Blessings of Love and Beauty to you.


Susan Two Drums