Daisy from Hoofbeats Academy

You exist in time, but belong to eternity
— Osho

"Susan came to us recommended by another healing friend.  She is shining bright with Light and filled through with Healing Energy.  Our visits, near and far initiated and continue to result in remarkable and ongoing change.  Susan came to help Lily who struggled with body, mind and spirit dis-ease.  She did not stop at Lily.  All benefited.

Lily’s main need was to feel safe.  Susan connected with a horse who had put up a seemingly impenetrable barrier.  I watched Lily soften and begin to drink in.  Today, she is at ease, confident and social.  Susan made that same connection and enhanced wellness with each and all, that day.  

This special connection facilitates change, enhances understanding and infuses love.  Susan continues to work in person and from afar for our healing.  To heal this way is peaceful, gentle and effective.  We are so blessed to have Susan as our Quantum Touch Practitoner.  

The horses and humans at Hoofbeats Academy highly recommend Susan.  She is warm, positive, fun, thoughtful and provides an exceptional service."

-Meshelle Rives ED, Hoofbeats Academy, PATH Intl. TRI

I feel very fortunate to call Susan my friend.  I admire her ethics and integrity. I have experienced Quantum Touch with her on several occasions. I have had lower back issues for some time, which has been relieved with her treatment. I highly recommend her!
— -Martha Dewey, Coos Bay, Oregon
Susan has been a Godsend in so many ways. She has relieved my back pain, has helped bring home lost kitties and soothed their fear. And, she helped me with the transition of my beloved horse. She eased his pain during his last days, and enabled me to let him go and to be with him when he died She continues to bring me messages from him a year later. And all of this was done with distant sessions.

”I was a non believer two years ago, but she has since opened my eyes to so many things. What a perfect person to call a friend. If you are a non believer that’s fine, try it, what’s the worst thing that could happen? It doesn’t work? Trust me it does, an open mind will always help but even with a closed mind it will still work.
—  -Katie S, Honey Brook, PA

"I have had the pleasure of working with Susan several times over the past year. One of the most profound things that happened in a session with her, was Mother Mary came to me with messages of Love and Nurturing. I always experience amazing energy in her sessions and deep peace. Susan also worked with my dog Max. He and I were involved in a car accident together, and she was able to relieve his sore muscles and stiffness. She offered a distance session for him, and while the energy was flowing to him, I watched him roll around and squirm in delight. He moved around and jumped up on the bed like he was a young dog (he is 12 yo) after the session. Having experienced her energy both in person and via distance healing, I have had some amazing experiences. I highly recommend a session with her!"

                                       -Janet R. Perry, MA, ACN, Austin, Texas